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Instead of football, Amir Beats chose to cook raw, take it and dig, Amir Beats is a Hustla born out of his soul. In college while attending the University of Houston, Amir Beats was just making beats as a hobby that he'd been doing since an early age.  Hell, he was playing drums in the third grade behind hip hop beats and by 5th grade he had a dj mixer with a boss 808 drum machine, and two casio keyboards hooked up together recording beats on his tape recorder.  But football was his thing, until his head football coach did him dirty and blackballed him when he spoke out about the situation.  But anyways, Amir Beats went on to doing slowed and chopped mixtapes in Texas and Louisiana for a minute to landing a job overseas.  Even though he was able to travel and party in the Philippines, Thailand, Dubai, Amsterdam ect, Amir Beats hated his job, and it affected his mental health.

Amir Beats came home and got in trouble with the law and it cost him 14 years of his life.  However, while he was on "vacation" he developed a strong relationship with God.  Even though a good man may fall 7 times, 7 times he will get back up.  Tru Story.  Amir Beats, producer, rapper, singer, dj, videographer, drummer, and actor is back on his feet while the pandemic is still in effect going for the gold with his self produced EP Writing my own Ticket from his own label Pype Dreams Entertainment LLC.

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