"Moe Did The Right Thing" – discover notorious Hip Hop sounds from the 90s

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In a attempt to bring back the notorious HipHop sound it’s safe to say that “Moe Did The Right Thing”
Artist M.3.P has been quietly bringing back a sound that we haven’t heard since the Golden Age Era, Hip Hop. If you ever wondering how Hip Hop would sound in today’s era he’s a walking contradiction of it. M.3.P has mastered giving the people that 90s feeling that music gave but modernized. It’s rare that you hear artist actually value word play in today’s music but M.3.P is one of them. Listening to this project “Moe Did The Right Thing” makes me want to rewind time back to the 90s just so I can appreciate what music really meant to our culture. He makes me want to get on the city transportation bus & just ride until the end of the route. M.3.P is the perfect combination of having Skill & Creativity
Being from Detroit, MI M.3.P says “people don’t really make hip hop where I’m from, we make slide & turnt music. Detroit is full of Hustlers & Money getters so they brag & rap different. I stand only and as you know when you stand alone the route is harder but nonetheless I will make Hip Hop great again, it’s my calling”. How can you not love this guy. With previous project “California Love & MoeMatic” scratching the surface & creating buzz “Moe Did The Right Thing” is following through for an anticipated banger. With sound like “Gun Downed & Fight” being the staple of the Album, listeners are up for a rude awakening. I advice you to go take a listen

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