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Do you like music? Sounds like a rhetorical question, anyway, right? If you are reading this then it means you are a true music fan, looking for something new, something fresh. There is no life without music, right? How can we get through all these dark days, all the stress and problems that life constantly throws at us? There is only one cure for it - music. Music unites people from all over the world. For thousands of years, music was walking with humankind, and nothing has changed. What do you think? Let’s analyze the past for a brief moment. In the 15th century music was something that not everyone could afford. Only the best of the best could’ve listened to it. And a thousand years back it was completely free. Well, it was not music you are used to hearing. Just a stick and a rock. Boom, music. Why would I give you this lesson of history? Well, I just like doing so, coming from a faraway, then just cut straight to the point. If you want to do it fast - look at our Spotify playlists. But if you choose the long way, you’ll know more. Okay, I will spare you from this boring stuff. Have you noticed that it became painfully hard to find music nowadays? With all our music streaming services music is more available than ever, and at the same time much further away from us. All those creators write their tracks, scream into the mic, sing their asses off, but no one hears them. Why? Why can’t a simple bro like you and me find new music? I don’t know. But here is the solution for you - our Spotify playlists. A group of music lovers once united to create the best playlists out there. We have assembled quite a few playlists, and we are extremely proud of them. Our curators worked sleeplessly to give you the best songs from independent and creative musicians. Forget about everything you’ve heard before - here’s the new blood, the new vibe. If you want to try something new, something unusual - choose our playlists. We update them every day, and each update brings something new to the pot. Here are some Brazilian vibes, here are some Russian motives. It may seem a mess, but it is a beautiful mess. Long road, gym, history class, bath - you can listen to them everywhere, they fit every occasion. And each user who already listens to them will confirm that. Stop listening to the suggestions of a soulless machine. Our playlists are a true craft. Break all chains, and finally become free with our playlists, created specifically for you. Music lovers - assemble!

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