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NEW! TOP 101 Germany Techno Labels

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Discover music email marketing for you! Attract attention on popular Germany labels with top positions in electronic music industry. Get email base of the most known Germany Techno Labels: digital & vinyl. Focus on making killing tracks or songs and let us do the hard work for your music promotion.

Base includes: label name, general contact, demo email to A&R, location. 

Techno will save the world. A popular promo pack for techno artists Top 600 Techno labels contacts

BPitch Control, Parquet Recordings, Systematic Recordings, Eclipse Recordings, Senso Sounds, Kompakt, Terminal M, Keinemusik, Running Back, Dantze, Figure, Reload Black Label, Chibar Records, Break New Soil Recordings, Mind Field Records, Traum, Afterlife Records, Viena Music, MOOD, BluFin, voxnox Records, Second State, Trip, Klockworks, Dystopian, KD RAW, Jannowitz Records, Aeon,
Incroyable Music, Kaputt, Ahnenerbe Records, Tresor, Lucidflow, Elektrotribe, Records, Sender Records, 7th Cloud, Ardor, Laut Und Luise, Harthouse, Klangwelt, Bequem Digital, Joprec, Phobos Records, Treibjagd Records, Reload Black Label, LTD, 1103 Musik Berlin, Telrae, Sound Kleckse, Physical Techno Recordings, Keller, Electric Ballroom, Hardwandler Records, Nerven Records, Work Them Records, Steyoyoke Black, Nie Wieder Schlafen, Complete Records, IU2U Records, Ton Töpferei, Nachtwandler Records, Onesun Neon, Konsequent, Pysch, Klangspektrum Records, Who Else Black, Awsm, Neuzeit, Index Marcel Fengler, Volute Records, Schakal Recordings, Fryhide, FEEL RAW, Black Circus, Traumwelten, Einfach Nur Techno Digital, Jesus Was Black, GND Records, Rotraum Music, Neele Records, Escapism, Vinyllover Recordings, MONOTON Audio, Sound-of-techno, Sonic Recordings, Liebe Zur Musik, Cremaster Records, WHATIPLAY, FMA Records, Techno Pressure, Salomo, Labelton Music Record Label, Subkultur, Low Clinic, TK Records, YOMO Records, MANHIGH Recordings, Subkutan Records, FIGURE JAMS, nuOn music, Illusions, Electronic Earthquake.