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NEW! Top 600 Techno Labels Contacts (2018)

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Techno rules the world! Build your own email marketing strategy with fresh label base. Our contacts list includes email addresses for demo and booking. Show your new tracks to leading experts. Save time for music with DEMOPOOLBASE!

Delivery time: just one click and the base on your mail. 

You'll receive the contacts of these techno labels:

Deeperfect Records, Agile Recordings, Analytictrail, Phobiq, Frequenza, Amazing Records, Loose Records, Boiler Underground Records, Clorophilla Records, Gate, Null Recordings, Unrilis, Moonklift Records, iElektronix Recordings, Comade Music, Natura Viva Black, Phunk Traxx, Illogic Music, Subwoofer Records, Etruria Beat, Diamond Rec, Riot Recordings, Synus Records, Trial Records, Prospect Records, Creptonit Records, Factory Beat Recordings, Irene Records, Vike Recordings, Putsch Records, MKT rec, Level One Records, Opilec Music, Trashz Recordz, Antistatic Rec, Pure Enjoyment Recording, Noisy Darts Records, Diligentia Records
Different Sound, Bondage Records, Blackpoint Records, AdMaiora, Redrum Music, 909 Individual, Nextasy Music, SonarWave Records, Plus Beat Recordings, Be Synth Records, Drum Tunnel Records, Bigtools Records, Scarlet Carson Records
Petra Beat Records, Luminar Records, Insane Code Recordings, Cervidae Recordings, Factory Beat Black, No-Logik Records, Retail Recordings, RAIN Records, Wood, Cieli Di Orione, Skynet, OVNI MUSIC, Black Vision, Little Italy Music, Underground (Media Records), Let's Go Dancing Records, Seddior Records, Dissident Movement, PNA Records, Cube Trax, Space Shuttle Recordings, Sound Anarchy, Unusual Recordings, UMAS, Di5quiet Records, Three Hands Records
Disorder Records, Trip Records, APARAT REC., Society Music Recordings, REK Records, MNSTRY, Domozero, Pyteca.