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Each of us receives a huge stream of letters to the post every day. Most of them go to the trash or to spam. But among all the heaps of automatic emails, one can find really very useful information. We will tell you how to correctly email the newsletter so that it reaches its addressee and brings the result. What makes an effective email marketing campaign?

Effective email marketing campaigns need to be cleverly written to attract the attention of users. We have identified the main five components that should be in your mailing list.


Marketing emails must contain a personal appeal to the reader and be filled with interesting content. Few people want to read a letter of appeal respected and containing just a block of text. Information is desirable to complement the visual part, so it will look more stylish and easy to read. 

Segment into groups

Instead of sending the same text to the entire contact database, it is better to segment your database into groups and prepare different sentences for each of them. First, you can analyze which services or products are more or less in demand and at the same time make your marketing company more effective. 

Seasonal promotion

Email mailings are most effective for some specific reasons, for example, on holidays or Black Friday. During such periods, people respond better to letters, which significantly affects open rates.  

Topic of the letter

It's very important to indicate in the subject line the main essence of your proposal. And file it in an interesting way. The customer doesn't want to click on a boring offer. But if you use humor or a good proposition - in this case, the reader will be interested and will surely open the letter. A good theme is 70% of the success of the entire of email marketing company. 

Call to action 

Your letter should contain a call to action, so that the reader immediately understood the main message. Otherwise, he simply does not want to waste his time. You must clearly formulate your proposal, without further ado. And also indicate what benefit the recipient can receive.

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